Day 2, -1.7 degrees in the daytime

15 02 2010

First thing we headed down to Odori Park for some ice skating. Ice skating is fun! Especially when it only costs 200 yen for skate hire. We got interviewed by two groups of school kids doing a kind of “city week” project. They had to talk to us in English and ask us questions like “where are you from” and “what are you doing today” and “do you like snow” and “can you speak japanese”, after which the questions were asked in Japanese, not English (lazy kids).

After skating we finished looking at the snow statues. The temperature outside the NHK building said -1.7 degrees. After that we headed off to lunch to Xi Fang. But before we got there two English vegetarian girls stopped us and said it wasn’t there. So we back-tracked and went to Lohas Raw Food cafe instead for a surprisingly tasty lunch. Afterwards we caught the subway to the Tsu-dome site that was meant to have lots of fun snow activities. However, when we got there, it turned out that most of the activities were only for children. We did get to go on the Tube Slide and see the Hydrogen-powered FCX car.

In the evening we walked from our hotel to the Susukino area where there were ice sculptures. We saw a man making ice scultpures using his chain saw, and went down an ice-slippery dip. Some of the statues were gross, like the frozen fish and crabs in ice blocks where their guts were leaking out into the ice. There was also lots of alcohol being advertised. It was about -4 degrees.