Local trains to Kyoto

30 03 2010

We had 2 trips on our seishun 18 kippu left so we embarked on another 8 hour local train journey from Tokyo to Kyoto. The highlight was seeing Mt Fuji from the train when it stopped at Fuji station.

Snow-capped Mt Fuji from the train window near Fuji station.

Last day in Kisarazu

29 03 2010

Our apartment inspection went quickly with no troubles apart from being told that some items we had put in non-burnable rubbish were actually burnable. Eww too much rubbish incineration.

During the inspection it started to snow.

After dramas at the post office trying to post our stuff home (they wouldn’t accept our suitcases so we had to pack stuff in boxes to send home. Now we’re stuck with suitcases while ‘backpacking’ shoganai), we caught the express bus to Tokyo and met Emma for dinner at the vegan pub, Non. It will close for good soon, so we went one last time. And that was our final meal in Tokyo (this time, anyway!)

Cleaning can be done later

28 03 2010

Second to last day in Kisarazu…and we escaped. Instead of cleaning the apartment we caught the bus to Yokohama and met up with Atsu and his niece for lunch, then met his beautiful sister and the younger niece over green tea and sakura sweets. We ate macha flavoured soymilk gelati for morning tea, then had taco rice and vegetable soup for lunch at Chaya, followed by Mont Blanc and Salty Nuts Caramel Tart for dessert.

The sakura are almost in full bloom here is Kisarazu. Yesterday was sunny and would have been perfect for a photo but we were too busy washing windows and mopping floors. So we had to be content today with sakura at night and sakura during overcast days.

After returning home we had a snack of yuzu orange flavoured potato chips. How interesting. Then we had our last meal in our apartment. After dinner Lara was in charge of emptying and cleaning the kitchen, defrosting the fridge and cleaning the floor. Benno was responsible for finishing the cleaning of the shower that he started this morning, and unfortunately stayed up until midnight completing the job. D’oh.

Is farewell a verb?

27 03 2010

Photos from the Gyosei Inter farewell dinner in Kimitsu.

The Indian waiter took the photo, but had difficulty working out how to press a button, so we ended up with 12 of the same photo. I never knew using a camera was so difficult.

Enjoying the same photo.

Hana yori dango

25 03 2010

We’ve been clearing out the cupboards and eating leftover food this week.

We’ve eaten eggplant lasagne,

chickpea and coconut curry,


Made with love by us… a packet of mochi flour, 190mL water, stir it up, roll into 2cm balls and put in boiling water for 3 minutes.

Cooked mochi balls...parfait?

Cooked dango drizzled with golden syrup. I think it needs a skewer.

Karaoke Party! J1I

25 03 2010

J1I girls were kind enough to take us out to a karaoke party on Wednesday. Thanks for the fun times, the AKB48, NEWS, PUFFY and for listening to our bad singing!

Miss you!

Funny things at the supermarket

20 03 2010

Goon brand nappies for children. It’s best to start them young.

Cat Smack brand catfood. Even cats have addictions.

Yum. Lemon and vinegar flavoured kitkats. That’s almost as tasty as milk and vinegar flavoured drinks at 7-11.

DS party

20 03 2010

When we were last in Tokyo, we went to Akihabara for doughnuts from NY Doughnut plant by the station. There on the corner were a bunch of people playing DS Dragon Quest – social interaction without any social interaction. “Otaku is beautiful, more beautiful that life”- Kan Choi.

At this party, you don't need to talk. You don't even need to look at other people. Just stand there on your own and live through your virtual Dragon Quest world.

Last Day at Gyosei (saigo no hi)

20 03 2010

Last day – exams finished, marking done, folders organised and left for the next teachers.

Here are some photos of the Inter building and classrooms.

Farewell Karaoke!

20 03 2010

Hello Shidax, Farewell Kisarazu.

Photos from the epic karaoke session with Benno’s Japanese class friends.