Have visas, will travel

14 03 2010

Benno had a busy week last week, going into Tokyo to get our visas and eat some vegan doughnuts. Unfortunately, he is always too hungry to stop and take photos of his food so there is no evidence that he went to Pita the Great and had 2 felafel rolls, or that he went with a friend to Korea-town and ate vegan korean food then went to karaoke.

However, now we have a Chinese tourist visa and a Vietnamese tourist visa and a ticket out of the country.

Here’s the plans so far:

Thanks to the google for the map.

From Tokyo, go to Kyoto and farewell our friends before heading by Shinkansen to Hakata, jetfoil ferry to Busan and KTX train to Seoul.
After Seoul, take an overnight ferry to Qingdao and train to Beijing. After Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Lhasa, Guilin, Nanning via train.
Train to Hanoi, down through Vietnam via Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, HCMC/Saigon via bus/train.
Overland to Phnom Pehn, maybe via Pastor Chang’s mission to Angkor Wat then overland to Bangkok, Thailand. From Bangkok up to Chiang Mai, down to Koh Samui and avoiding the south-eastern trouble spots on to KL. A spot in Malaka, seeing if I can recall any Bahasa Malay then back to KL for a flight to Melbourne. Driving back to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road with mum and dad and home again!

Only 5 more days of school – J3 have already had there final exams and their graduation ceremony. J1, J2 and H1 have 2 days of lessons then final exams, finishing on Friday 19th March. Hopefully, if I’m diligent, I can get the marking done quickly and write their grades by the end of the 19th. Then I won’t have to come in the week after and can focus on cleaning our apartment and posting stuff home. Isogashii desu ne!

Vegan doughnuts in Tokyo

19 10 2009

How to find vegan doughnuts in Tokyo Station:

For us, the easiest way to get to New York Doughnut Plant is to enter into the train station via the ticket machines on the Yaesu Central Gate. Walk straight until you see the Information Centre on your right.

Turn left between platform 8 and 9.

Go past the Dila Tokyo (Media Court) on the right, then turn into the small sweets arcade on the right. Go around the corner (following the arcade) and New York Doughnut Plant is on your right. It is right next to the stairs going up to platform 6.

If you are already in the station, head for the South Passage and look for the shop between the stairs for platforms 7 and 6.

Enjoy awesome egg free, soy milk doughnuts. Be sure to go early or they may be sold out later in the day.

doughnutmapRight-click and View Image to see the whole map of Tokyo station and directions to the doughnut shop.

Nokogiri yama map

19 07 2009

Here’s a copy of the walking map around Nokogiri yama. There’s not that much information on the web or in guide books about this place and yet it’s the largest buddha in Japan. (Right click and ‘view image’ to see full size)